“As a founder, your primary product is clarity”

i came across this tweet recently, and its been on my mind ever since. the more i think about this, the more i realise that all the avoidable mistakes we have made in aurik.studio can be attributed to not having clarity of the consequences/requirements, every time.

so how do you actually achieve this clarity?

1. talk to as many trusted advisors as you can about your business. there’s always 1–2 off-the-shelf insights that’ll make you question something about the decisions you are taking — but it’s important these advisors have different experiences…

Pre-PS: This is a long one, so do bear with me till the end.

Before starting on my thesis, let’s quickly define a few terms to ensure we’re on the same page.

Product — Literally any product/service/experience. Basically, any type of offering offered in exchange for some form of currency.

Bundling — When different aspects of the product are offered as a package. For example, restaurant ‘A’ might offer amazing food and amazing ambience and amazing service. In this case, the amazing food, ambience and service as served as a bundle. It is not possible to go to this restaurant…

Why India Needs More Science Graduates (And Not Engineers)

Consider instrumentalism. It is essentially a doctrine of science that focuses on the outcomes of phenomena. It is not concerned about whether the mental models that people have about a phenomenon is true or not; it is concerned only about whether the output of the model approximates reality. “Instrumentalism is the view that scientific theories are useful tools for predicting phenomena instead of true or approximately true descriptions.”

Essentially, instrumentalism boils down to the study of measurements of phenomena — the idea being that the explanation of phenomena needs to be…

Education is one of the defining characteristics of a person’s life, and therefore education systems are maybe one of the most difficult systems to design right, because of the sheer complexity of the issue.

The types of education systems can be sliced across multiple dimensions and across many attributes, and the right system has to be balanced perfectly across all these dimensions.

Moreover, education systems are highly context dependent. What works perfectly for an African kid will simply not work for an American, nor for an Indian. …

So the gig economy is supposed to be the next big thing. To the extent where it’s considered to be reshaping the economy and redefining what it means to be employed. Most governments are still grappling with how to deal with this in terms of regulatory oversight as well as setting up the broader context of how the laws and policies of today need to change to accommodate this rapidly expanding “workforce”. A case in point is Uber — the “partner drivers” are, according to Uber, not employees and therefore are not eligible to any of the employee benefits an…

Consider the fact that the Homo Sapiens have fundamentally not changed for millennia. The same human that built Rome has built the iPhone today. But our society as a function of its knowledge and capabilities has progressed exponentially in the interceding time. How?

Think about transistors. 1 transistor is a switch. 3 of them could potentially be 3 switches. But connect them the right way, and they become a Logic Gate — a simple device able to make a Logical decision whereas 1 could do nothing better than be a manual switch. The vast leap from something inane to a…

darpan shah

Entrepreneur from Bangalore, looking to solve some of humanity’s problems. I like learning/thinking a lot and then writing/debating/reading about it.

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